Respond: Don’t just sit in your ivory back to the people who want to engage with you.

*  Share information: Gain a reputation as an expert by sharing helpful links, resources, and more.

Ask for help: Get instant feedback by asking for help on Twitter. 

Shake things up: Offer a good variety in your stream of links, blog posts, retweets, responses, and questions.

Be sincere: Be honest and considerate in your tweets and replies.

Don’t go crazy with links: Avoid using your Twitter account just to post links to your blog.

*  Point out interesting information: Don’t just talk about yourself, discuss what’s happening in your field.

Slow down: Don’t clog up your followers’ Twitter screens-keep your Tweets relevant and interesting, not inane and constant.


Chats are a great way to consume and share an abundant amount of information in a short period of time.  Chats are easy to join.  Begin with our Indiana Department of eLearning chat on Thursday nights at 8:00 EST with the tag #INelearn.

Here's an example of a follow-up @Storify - which is used to archive an entire chat.  Anyone can construct a Storify at the conclusion of a chat.  This archiving system enables you to refer back to links and conversations during the chat.

Create, Don’t Just Consume

The best way to get the most out of Twitter is to use it.
Consumer-  follow people, read their tweets, and learn from them.
Share-  if you were having a conversation with someone and you weren’t responding, the conversation wouldn’t go very far, would it?

Connect and Network

Educational Hashtags- excellent resources to point you in right direction
Follow-  people you find interesting or share interests with
Connect- either via other social media, email, or at a conference you’re both attending

Share Your Resources

Share- your resources that you find interesting
Watch-  your community will grow as you add resources to get involved

Keep At It

Participate- in weekly Twitter chats
Get Involved- Check in, reply, and participate to keep make your Twitter community robust

LET'S PRACTICE-  Enter our Today's Meet room and write your name and Twitter handle.  Next, share an idea or lesson that you're pumped about with others in this session.  Use the #sparc14 and the @name of participants listed on Today's Meet. Go to @SparcConference Twitter page and get started.

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