Follow experts: Get useful information from other experts in your field.

Participate in Twitter events: Be a part of #INeLearn Thursday night chats, #followfriday, #musicmonday, and similar events to be a part of the community.

Use hashtags: If you come across a useful hashtag, click on it to see what else you’ll find.

Pay attention to trends: Stay on top of the latest in your field by seeking out and participating in trending topics.

Networking: Meet offline with others in your field to get great value out of Twitter.

Don’t follow too many new people at once: Follow too many people without reciprocation, and you’ll come off as a spammer.

WeFollow: Find people by industry or hobby using WeFollow.

Follow back: When you discover new followers, be sure to follow them back if they are interesting or offer value to you.

*   Be patient: Amassing Twitter followers doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient, and you’ll build a group of valuable followers.

Pay attention to timing: Monitor the most popular hours for your Twitter followers, then concentrate your most important messages in those hours for more effective tweeting.

Don’t try to read everything: You will be on Twitter all day and all night if you try to read every single tweet from your followers-just drop in when you can.

Use popular tweets as blog posts: If you share a site or bit of information that turns out to be very popular, use it as a jumping off point for a blog post.

Reply to others: Get involved with the people you follow and engage in the Twitter conversation with replies.

LET'S PRACTICE:  We are now going to participate in a short chat.  I will initiate the questions.  All questions in a chat begin with a Q- representing the word "Question"- ex.  Q1, Q2, Q3... and so on.  When you respond to a question, respond with A1, A2, A3, and so on.  Make sure to include the hashtags that are being used in the chat. Ex.... #sparc14

Let's begin.............. Go to @SparcConference -

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